Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Burnham Design

Just a quick, short post today.

I thought I'd share one of my favorite interior design companies with you, Burnham Design. Their mix of bold and soft creamy colors adds an incredibly gorgeous and glamorous look to any home. One of my favorites is this one right here:

Whittier Drive Residence, living room
( Image: Burnham Design )

Don't you just love the red branches above the fire place? So inspiring and sweet, I can hardly stand it :)

And look at this fabulous Beverly Hills Estate foyer. Simply stunning...

( Image: Burnham Design )

You can see more of their amazing work at:
It's most definitively worth taking a peak.

Have a Happy Wednesday! :)


Anonymous said...

I stopped into Room and Board last week and see they're all over animal skin rugs in pony and cowhide. Showing it on ottomans, too. Not sure how I feel about the trend.

R&B will be getting their fall line of accessories in July, a salesperson told me. As a fan of their clean lines, can't wait.

***Mainly Serendipity*** said...

I think skin rugs and animal prints are nice as long as they're used as accents. My living room has too many colors in it so adding an animal skin rug would probably make it look too busy. But I do love them, especially in foyers.

Thanks Diana for the tip about the fall line. Can't wait to check it out. I wish I can find those red wall decor branches! :)