Monday, June 30, 2008


It's Monday again, but that's okay, it's a good day to show you some fabulous vases that will brighten up your home in no time. I've always loved vases and it's really hard to not get every gorgeous vase I come across... These ones are just killing me (in a good way :P), so I might just go ahead and get one more :D

Lucy & Brin Vases

Cylinder Vase
(Image: Target )

Matte Turquoise Ceramic Vase
(Image: Pier 1 Imports )

Blossom Vases
(Image: Room & Board )

Clear Glass Collection Vases
(Image: West Elm )

Raw Wood Collection Vases
(Image: West Elm )

Friday, June 27, 2008

Target Love

I have always loved Target for it's reasonably priced and cute Home Decor :) These pieces are just another reason why we should love Target:

Black Framed Wall Cubbies - Set of 3

(Image: Target)

Love these cubes, they're on my "To Buy" list!

Winter Trees I Framed Art - 29x41"

(Image: Target)

B/w art and a winter scenery combined, does it get any better? I just love it!

"Do Your Room Cowboy Sheet Sets"

(Image: Target )

Aren't these sheets adorable? Perfect for a Boy's room!

And last but not least, the Smoked Resin Table Lamp with Drum Shade - Black/ White

(Image: Target )

Happy Friday everyone! Hope all of you have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Burnham Design

Just a quick, short post today.

I thought I'd share one of my favorite interior design companies with you, Burnham Design. Their mix of bold and soft creamy colors adds an incredibly gorgeous and glamorous look to any home. One of my favorites is this one right here:

Whittier Drive Residence, living room
( Image: Burnham Design )

Don't you just love the red branches above the fire place? So inspiring and sweet, I can hardly stand it :)

And look at this fabulous Beverly Hills Estate foyer. Simply stunning...

( Image: Burnham Design )

You can see more of their amazing work at:
It's most definitively worth taking a peak.

Have a Happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pouty Cupcake & Happy Cherries

These two sketches have been laying around the house for quite a while now. I know I need to go out, buy some canvas and transform them into little paintings. I will... eventually...

Patsy the Pouty Cupcake
- because cupcakes aren't happy all the time-

Happy little cherries
- because cherries love Pyrex bowls too :) -

Enough blogging for today, Happy Tuesday everyone!

Kaleidoscope Conspiracy

A little while ago, while going to our local Art event, I came across Kaleidoscope Conspiracy artist Ed King. His work combines two of my loves, bright colors and imaginative art.

Thought I'd share one of his pieces with you, although it was hard to pick only one to show you. These paintings would look fabulous in a Child's room or even on your living room wall.

"On the Lookout"
Acrylic on Canvas 15x30 in.

(image: )

Blue Foyer

The blue foyer is currently one of our projects. When we first moved in, I hated the blue paint but now it's growing on me.
However, the blue door must go, so I was thinking about painting it black, adding an accent rug and some interesting curtains (that still need to be found).


With new carpet:

Blue Foyer, re-imagined (Thank God for Photoshop):

Some Favorites

Some of the things, I've been eyeballing for a wee little while...

*Room & Board* Essence 20 Square Pillow in Onyx

(image: Room & Board)

*Room & Board* Fluted Stools

(image: Room & Board)

*Hable Construction* 20x20 Tomato Fig Jacquard Pillow

And last but not least, the Ditte Sofa, courtesy of Marimekko.
Check it out here.
It's on sale for $1,799.95 (was $3,498.00). I gotta start saving the pennies, right? :)